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Cycle Shelters / Bike Shelters

Park-Street Furnishing Cycle Shelters are designed to be durable without compromising on style.

Benefits for your workforce

In today’s environment cycling to the workplace or school is a healthier way of travelling. Providing bike shelters in a commercial or educational establishment not only assists with healthy living but also gives the added benefit of helping the environment.

The physical and mental benefits of cycling daily for the individual are widely recognised. Some of the positive effects of regular cycling include a stronger immune system, increased physical fitness and improved ability to cope with stress – all of these lead to a healthier, happier workforce or student population, which of course in turn benefits your school or workplace.

Some benefits for you

It is fantastic that you can have a fit and healthy workforce which provides its own benefits to you but there are also benefits from a business point of view. A few examples of this are:

  • Freeing-up Space: More people cycling to work means they will need less space than car drivers. This will save you space and money.
  • Happy Cyclists: Providing good facilities to those that are already cycling to working could reduce staff turn-over therefore reducing recruitment costs.
  • Corporate Image: Encouraging people to cycle will also improve your corporate image and may help you obtain ISO 14,001 status for its environmental management system.

You may also want to read about how the government can help you encourage employees to cycle to work with the Cycle To Work Guarantee Scheme.

What you need to know about cycle shelters

When you are looking to add cycle parking to your premises here is a mini guide to help you understand what works.

Cycle shelters should:

Be highly visible and signposted if necessary. Rather than hiding it away in the corner it should be something that you are proud of and want to promote to everyone.

Have ease of access and be close to the final destination, this shows that you are serious about people using this facility and makes life easier for those who participate.

Be safe and secure, people should feel that their bike is safe when they are working or studying. We offer a range of different ways that you can ensure this in our tailored Design section below but this can also be achieved by CCTV, additional lighting and surveillance by security staff.

Be easy to use and easy to maintain. Appropriate spacing of bike stands will prevent cluttering and allow easy access to clean the area. This also includes ensuring there is enough room for all of the cyclists. This could be achieved via a small survey before deciding which cycle shelter to install to give you an idea of the number of current and future cyclists.

Have a route that is as simple and non obstructive as possible, there should be no barriers to its use caused by difficult road conditions or other safety hazards.

Offer an attractive design that compliments the building design and makes a statement about your commitment.

Not hinder any one else’s access and comply with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

When we install a bike shelter we take all of the above and more into account to ensure you get the very best service possible and are extremely happy for years to come.

Tailored Design

All bike shelters can be built in modular sections to any length and have added sliding or hinged gates and a variety of different types of cycle stands. These can also be used as a Smoking Shelters or Waiting Shelters and have the added feature of benches installed. Another popular use of cycle shelters is to use them as Buggy Shelters at nurseries.

Our cycle shelters can be wall fixed or built as free-standing and fixed to the ground. We provide a range of standard shelters including the Tornado, Merlin and Falcon bike shelters and Cycle Compounds. You can also chose from a standard range of finish options including Zinc, Galvanised, Stainless steel and colours including grey, black, green, blue, yellow, white and brown. However, we can also design any style, colour or finish of bespoke cycle shelter you may require.

We also offer a range of different styles of bike racks and cycle stands to fit inside our bike shelters. Together with helmet lockers to keep them secure and dry at all times. Helmet Lockers come in different styles with different types of locking systems. All this makes our shelters a versatile option for your school or organisation.


All shelters are installed by our CSCS registered team and can be installed with concrete plinths, pathways or/and soft play areas. We also provide old shelter removal and refurbishment.

Cycle Shelter Costs

Our bike shelters come in a range of standard sizes and we can also install bespoke shelters. Standard shelters start at £1,200 which as standard is 4000mm long and 2100 deep and can comfortably house 10 cycles.


Our technical sales consultants can provide practical advice and ideas to help you decide on the best option for your needs. All bespoke bike shelters will require a technical site survey which is provided free of charge.

Entrance and School Canopies

Maximising Functionality

Park Street Furnishing school canopies, for College, Secondary, Primary, Nursery, and Pre-schools, are designed carefully to meet the requirements of each individual school. Our school canopies provide functional areas to protect from the elements and for use as a social gathering area. They are an attractive and very functional feature and can be used for a variety of purposes.

School canopies can be beneficial for a number of reasons

Outdoor teaching classrooms. OFSTED strongly encourage outdoor learning

Play areas on rainy days. Nowadays more and more children do not spend enough time outside so rather than having to keep children in on wet days a school canopy will allow children to still play outdoors.

Play areas on hot sunny days. Our school canopies are clad with a UV protection roof cladding so they are ideal to sit and play under with shade on a hot day.

Waiting areas. A dry collection point where parents can wait for their children.

Individually Tailored Solutions

Our shade school canopies can be built as a standard product or designed as bespoke that requires careful design. One of our technical sales consultants will be happy to meet with you at your convenience and complete a free of charge site survey and to discuss your requirements and ideas. We will then provide you with the most suitable shade school canopy solution for you.

We take great care with making sure that we design the right type of shade school canopy for your needs and budget. Our in house design team will provide you with drawings for you to approve prior to any work commencing on your project.

Entrance and School Canopy Costs

We supply a wide range of bespoke sizes canopies and walkways in all types of designs along with an Engineering CAD drawing for each bespoke project order, which will require approval by the customers, following a site survey. Standard canopies cost vary from project to project and customers requirement, however a standard Rowentree style Entrance Canopy, ex works at 6000mm x 3000mm would be in the region of £4,250.

More Street Furniture Products

We offer a huge collection of street furniture products for a wide range of uses. Here are just a few examples:

We also prove bespoke solutions so please give us a call on 01695 557024 and we can discuss your technical requirements.