Did you know that keeping Britain’s streets free of litter costs approximately £1billion per year? Did you also know that areas that are more littered are likely to have higher rates of crime?

Making sure your local village, town or city centre has enough litter bins can help towards lowering the clean-up cost and make your area a more attractive one for people to live, work and relax in.

Because no two places are alike, we have developed a range of outdoor bins that are designed to suit both rural and urban environments:

• Litter bin
• Recycling bin
• Dog waste bin
• Cigarette bin

Bins don’t have to be boring
Get children into the habit of binning their litter from an early age with our fun and colourful range of novelty and animal themed bins:

• Penguin bin
• Frog bin
• Cat bin
• Fox bin
• Chick bin
• Bear bin
• Panda bin
• Mushroom bin
• Decorated can bin
• Bubblegum bin
• Pencil bin

For a more sleek and sophisticated environment such as a business park, you might want to consider our large capacity Arenys range.

The finishing touches

We can customise bins to suit your brand identity and the environment in which they are to be sited.

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